Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dress to Impress...
The Uptown collection by 69 Park Ave GQ

Is found in seven styles and colors. Design focuses around the scarf and turtle neck. The collection is unique and works well with mesh avatars as well. Tested on TMP, Aesthetic and Slink. Sizes come in S|M|LxS|xL and includes matching dress pants.

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69 Park Ave Designer & Owner : Silexe Core

Greyhounds Pets:

Gentle and well mannered, greyhounds thrive on human companionship and form bonds quickly. Greyhounds require very little exercise; they’re more likely to want to curl up for a snooze in the sun than run around the yard all day. All our greyhounds are temperament assessed and issued a green collar meaning they can be in public without a muzzle.

King Henry VIII adopted the greyhound as his personal standard and it remains the symbol of the House of York today. He owned many greyhounds and was a great lover of hunting and coursing. He was also the first person to wager on the sport.

#244 White Demonboy on London
8:44 AM

#244 White Demonboy on London

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A kitten at my home...

Swank Renew Yourself!

Your home, your dreams!
HJM Designs 
Coming soon a new story in my New York Loft Set

Costarlos Jacobs shirt w Black T-shirt  FitMESH v2 Orange plaid
Costarlos Belted Pants S Black
Clothes available on store:


New York Loft Canvas
New York Loft Chest
New York Loft Phone
New York Loft Cuddle Rug
Corner Shelf - Black and white wood
Storage Boxes - Black/white
Pouncing Kitten
New York Loft Vases

Baby Kitten and dogs not available on this Event


Picture frame small
#241 A kitten at my home
8:01 PM

#241 A kitten at my home